04 June, 2012

Strange weather brings Confusing strawberries

   Strange title... right? Well we had a time with these strawberries.
We went to Howard's Strawberry Farm in Harmony. When we went,
we were on our way to Raleigh and planned on eating most all we 
picked there. We knew we wanted to can some, and we would have
to go back to get more berries. -Fast Forward-
   The weekend was over with, and this past weekend, we were
going to retrieve berries for canning. When we went back to Howard's,
the strawberries were gone due to the nice early weather. Terrific.
Now.... we were on the hunt for another local strawberry farm.
Some friends of ours told us about Hall's, a U-Pick in Bethlehem
(close to Hickory). Mom and Alyse picked a couple of gallons brought them home and we made strawberry jam, lemon-strawberry marmalade, and strawberry-jalapeno.

The strawberry jalapeno jelly recipe came from a couple who are trying things out for themselves. They have a great blog telling about their little farm experiences. Check out Jamie & Brady Wittkamper's blog and get the strawberry jalapeno jelly recipe. It's different, but good!

That's all I have for now,

Anna .V. 

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