06 February, 2012

! Bon Appetit !

 Dinner is always so much fun at our house. It's filled with great food, good family, and more times than not, a Bible study proceeding it. For us, dinner can last for a good 2 or more hours. To go along with the conversation, the food has to be good! So here are some pics of some of our dinners.

A good winter dinner!
warm vegetable soup with barley

With lemon blueberry muffin (made in an iron skillet)
I will have a recipe up for this soon. 
Our first time trying lighting the oil lamps
Our table complete with 9 place settings, oil lamps, and candles. 
Another dinner
Homemade bread with butter:) 
Fish with honey and a lot of herbs!

                                               Brown rice with vegetables and garlic

Hope this gives y'all some good ideas!

Anna .V.

01 February, 2012

Our Challengers!

Okay, so here are all you brave challengers who took the egg challenge with what looks like less trouble than we did. Congratulations! 


Thank you guys for participating! 
Behind The Scenes: 

Sorry, but some eggs were harmed in the making of this post. 

If there's anyone else interested in the challenge that would like their pictures up, don't hesitate to send us pictures!  We would be more than happy to put yall up here too! 

You guys that attempted it did awesome! Much better than we did. And to those who tried it and were not posted, the Icards, we're glad to hear you had some fun with it! 

Anna & Gabby