06 February, 2012

! Bon Appetit !

 Dinner is always so much fun at our house. It's filled with great food, good family, and more times than not, a Bible study proceeding it. For us, dinner can last for a good 2 or more hours. To go along with the conversation, the food has to be good! So here are some pics of some of our dinners.

A good winter dinner!
warm vegetable soup with barley

With lemon blueberry muffin (made in an iron skillet)
I will have a recipe up for this soon. 
Our first time trying lighting the oil lamps
Our table complete with 9 place settings, oil lamps, and candles. 
Another dinner
Homemade bread with butter:) 
Fish with honey and a lot of herbs!

                                               Brown rice with vegetables and garlic

Hope this gives y'all some good ideas!

Anna .V.

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  1. Looks Super Yummy!! Our dinners normally last 45 minutes but we make up for it by having 3 hour dinners on Friday :)