16 April, 2012

Gooood In The Kitchen

You know those times... when you have stuff you need to get done, and you start, but don't feel like doing it? Then it seems to take forever to get done? Well today is one of those days. So... instead of doing what I need to do, I'll do this. I said earlier that all 7 of us kids were in the 4-H Food Show. Well.... we made everything from banana pudding to deer jerky! 
Everyone has their own personalities. It's funny to see it coming out in their cooking as they decide what challenges they want to take on. Some are skilled in the kitchen, others, not so much. So, names. Ages. Ribbon. And what they cooked:

Gabby (17)- Bean and rice wrap with mango salsa Blue Ribbon Best of Show
Anna (15)- Homemade apple turnovers with honey ice cream Blue Ribbon
Alyse (13)- Fried dough things with canned white nectarine preserves Red Ribbon
Malachi (11)- Deer Jerky Blue Ribbon
Lucca (9)- Banana pudding with homemade vanilla wafers Red Ribbon 
Maya (6)- Fruit smoothie Cloverbud
Victor (5)- Chocolate tractor cake Cloverbud

Malachi and his Deer Jerky 

Lucca's banana pudding

Alyse talking with the judges
Anna talking with the judges

Gabby doesn't cook too much :) 
Hope your week is good so far. We'll have recipes of these up soon.

Anna .V.

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